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Just Exactly Who is to Blame For the Canucks Disastrous Season

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First of all I am not condoning John Tortorella for his antics in the Calgary game that resulted in his suspension, or the method of his coaching style, because who can really understand the latter, since the Canucks have played very few games with a full and healthy lineup.

The recent interview with GM Mike Gillis seem to indicate that Tortorella was at fault for the way that he coached, and it appeared to me that Tort’s has been thrown under the bus. So, let me get this straight. GM Mike Gillis interviewed the coaching candidates for the position after Alain Vigneault was fired. He chose out those people – John Tortorella, and along with the Aquilini’s, had further discussions with Tort’s.

During those lengthy interviews they would have discussed in length many items, and one of those would have been how Tort’s would handle the current team, along with his philosophy on coaching such a team. Read more »


The Thud You’re Hearing is the Canucks Hitting Rock Bottom

Canucks - Eddie Lack

Canucks – Eddie Lack

Although Kevin Bieksa commented a few days ago, after another of the 12 0f 14 loses, that the Canucks and hit rock bottom, I’m sure he didn’t envision the Canucks blowing a 3-0 third period lead, in which the Islanders would come back to score seven goals. This tied a club record for most goals in a period, done twice in the early ’80’s by the powerhouse Edmonton Oilers, with the likes of Wayne Gretzky, Mark Messier and company.  Not by one of the bottom feeding teams named the New York Islanders.

So now the Acquilini’s must decide if they pull the plug on the coaching staff and general manager, or suffer through the remaining games till the end of the season. This is what I know of the Acquilini family. Read more »


This Canucks Team Has Quit Playing for John Tortorella

620-tortorella-thumb-620xauto-346112[1]This Vancouver Canucks team has no intentions of playing for coach John Tortorella! It’s obvious that sometime in January, Tort`s not only lost his temper and blew a fuse, but lost the team also.

I have seen this only a few times in Canucks history, once when they brought in a Junior coach – Bill LaForge, who lasted all of 20 games in 1984, and the other when Mike Keenan was coach in ’99 and had to be replaced by Marc Crawford. I could understand why they quit on the other two, but I’m not in this dressing room to figure out why with Tort’s. Read more »


Did Canucks Mike Gillis Hire the Wrong Coach in John Tortorella?

620-tortorella-thumb-620xauto-346112[1]The more this season unfolds for the Vancouver Canucks – the more dysfunctional it gets. When the Canucks management hired John Tortorella (Tort’s) during the off-season, Tort’s said that he was a changed man from his New York days and went about proving the suspicious media wrong.

It wasn’t till January 20th of this year that Tort’s finally had a melt down in the Calgary game and subsequently was suspended for 15 days which encompassed six games. This suspension (not his first either) also happened to take place when the Canucks went on one of their longest losing streaks in recent history, have yet to recover, and look headed to miss the playoffs. Read more »


Is the Canucks Ryan Kesler Trade Rumour for Real?

Sharks Canucks HockeyWell, after writing just a few days ago about whether the Canucks should trade or stand pat, that same day the trade rumor broke about Ryan Kesler. Now, Ryan Kesler and his agent Kurt Overhardt have both denied it, which is a normal response in the hockey world, GM Mike Gillis will not comment, and the reports persist even today. Nick Kypresos from Sportsnet, tweeted “Red Wings, Penguins and Rangers interested in Kesler. No shortage of offers starting 2 come in for Canucks. I’m leaning towards a trade by Wed.”

It’s hard who to believe with a rumour like this, but I would lean towards the media people who have sourced out the information and have either written in the media or tweeted on this matter.  Louis Jean of TVA Sports who broke the story, Bob McKenzie of TSN, Farhan Lalji of TSN, Nick Kypresos of Sportsnet, and Rob Rossi of the Pittsburg Tribune-Review.  Those are all pretty good media reporters that usually do their homework and have very good contacts. Read more »


Canucks – To Trade or Not to Trade, That is the Question

Kesler, Bieksa, BurrowsAs the trade deadline approaches on Canucks GM Mike Gillis he is faced with the dilemma. Do I risk losing the few prospects I have started to garner for a rental player, or do I stay the course, work with what I have, and gather some more prospects in the draft and possible trade route.

Since the terms of previous Canucks GM’s Brian Burke and Dave Nonis, the cupboard has been bare for years, and what draft picks there are, have either been traded away or have never proven out. As I have mentioned over many years and blogs, Gillis inherited a ready-made team made up of the present core, but has been unable to tweak it to win a Stanley Cup. Read more »