Hello. I write under the name Nucks IceMan

This is a sophisticated look  

through a passionate fan’s perspective of all the Canucks (NHL) hockey games, staff, prospects, trades, signings, systems, cap space, etc.

So here I am having made a full circle, back to where I began. Last week (Apr. 2016) the Vancouver Sun digital version reformatted its content and the Opinion\Community\Blogs section as been discontinued.

After eight years and over 500 Blogs I return to where I began, meaning this site. I still have the passion for this team  and to “voice my opinion” – so I carry on.

I started writing or should I say blogging, in September of 2008 on a Vancouver Sun Sport site called “Fan-Attic.” In April of 2009 “bleacherreport.com” approached me about blogging for them. 

Shortly after I  became the Vancouver Canucks Featured Columnist (169 articles) until September of 2010. Early in 2010, I joined up with a colleague (Mark Ritter) of mine and wrote several blogs on his site, The Slap Shot.”

I also resumed writing for the Vancouver Sun Sports site again, on the newly developed Fan Attic.”

In August of 2010,I had someone redevelop the Nucks IceMan site.

So I look at the following month (September), as the real start of this site – which is still evolving.
Thanks for taking the time to read my articles.  And now some background.

I never played at the Junior, Pro or Semi-Pro level or coached at any of those either.  What I am is a “Good Canadian Christian Kid” who grew up with skates on his feet since the age of seven.

I learned to skate on the pond behind the farm outside of Calgary (Alberta) near Airdrie. I played on outdoor rinks in little villages/towns like Empress, Bindloss, Airdrie, and cities like Edmonton.

On high school teams

empress-high-school-champgsI played as a bantam in-goal and on the Senior Men’s team circuit out of Medicine Hat. On one occasion I played part of the game (starting goalie got hurt)  as a 14-year-old. In Edmonton, AB as a midget in goal.midget-outstanding-player-my-trophy

hockey-trophy-league-champsIn BC, hockey leagues like the Richmond Industrial League as a defenseman. Even though it was a beer hockey league, some good players and former Junior players passed through there.

richmond-hockey-league-trophyThere were others like the Greater Vancouver League and so on, until I was in my late 20’s. At that time I turned to coaching where my start was in the Richmond league.

bmha-midget-league-champs-plaqueI then entered the National Coaches Certification Program, which is a prerequisite for coaching in Minor Hockey Associations these days. This led me to coach bantam, midget and adults at different levels, off and on until several years ago.

bmha-midget-league-champschallengers-hockey-champsThat amounted to a total of 25 years, so “old school” I am not.

I must admit I have been very fortuate to have been on and coached, a number of championship teams through the many hockey levels.

My involvement in hockey has been over 50 years now and I have seen a lot of changes in the NHL during that time, with the most recent being the “best.” The skill, speed, and physical play since the league put in measures to tone down the obstruction, has made it truly the “greatest game in the world.”

I hope to share some insight, enjoyment, information and passion with those that follow and support this hockey team, because “We Are All Canucks.”